Friday, January 20, 2012

Outdoor maternity wear, where are you?

OK, so Canada has a lot of trees per capita (estimated at 37 trees/person based on the calculations by the smart people of NASA and, well, me). It's the second largest country in the world, but 35th in population. So, I think we can all agree we have more than our share of outdoor space.
It's one of the many reasons why we love it here.
While we are 186 in the world for birthrate, that still means that over 350,000 babies are born each year. That's a lot of pregnant women at any given time, who want to spend time in these outdoors spaces. So, I ask you, why are there no maternity clothes for hikers, skiers, campers, lugers (OK, maybe you shouldn't be luging while pregnant, it does seem kind of dangerous...but I'm not here to judge)?
I'll concede that in the summer this might be easier to accommodate, but in the winter it's harder to fudge. Hello! A pair of maternity long underwear would be nice. Maybe a nice pair of lined, water resistant hiking pants or snow pants.

OK, all you Northern women with winter pregnancies, how have you managed?

(By the way, I promise most of my posts won't have so many references, or be so statistically dense (pun intended). Statistics aren't really my thing. Trust me (and my stats prof). I think I'm missing a parentheses here, but who's counting?


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  1. Now I find this! I read a blog post by ( about an online store for maternity active wear! It's Mountain Mama ( A little late for me (it's spring now and I'm due next month), but hopefully it will help out the newly pregnant :)